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Software as a service
Software as a service (SaaS) is a software sales model in which a vendor develops and manages a web application by providing customers with Internet access. The main advantage of the SaaS model for the consumer is that there is no need to install, update and maintain software.

SaaS benefits
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In the SaaS model, customers pay not to own the software as such, but to rent it (that is, use it through a web interface). Thus, in contrast to the classical software licensing scheme, the customer incurs relatively small recurring costs, and he does not need to invest significant funds for the purchase of software and its support. The periodic payment scheme assumes that if the need for software is temporarily absent, the customer can suspend its use and freeze payments to the developer.
Updates. The software hosted on the server can be updated centrally, in contrast to the traditional model in which the software would need to be updated on every machine. In other words, SaaS can be easily maintained with the latest software at any time.
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Hardware. With the software running on the server, individual PCs do not need to be updated to meet hardware requirements and there is no problem with not meeting minimum requirements.

Expenses. With a subscription model, the (upfront) acquisition costs are reduced for businesses. In addition, users can be added as needed monthly so that the business can expand as needed.

Fast deployment. Since the software does not need to be installed and configured on separate computers, it can be deployed much faster with SaaS.

Availability. Accessing the SaaS application only requires a browser and internet connection, allowing users to log in from anywhere. In addition, user data is stored in the cloud and is not tied to an individual user's PC, which makes it easier to collaborate with other users.

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