Head of Back Office
Dana Abish
A highly motivated business administration student with diversified skill set covering organizational, client relations, writing and project management. Excellent interpersonal, phone, and digital communication skills.


Figure skating, walking in big cities;
Interested in studying an international company.
Head of Back Office at OQUDA Inc.
Managed the back office team, successfully connected 10 partners across the world and supported over the 100 clients. Performing market research, gathering and processing research data, assisting and coordinating with the sales team, handling the clients support on an everyday basis by directly leading the international partners in Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic.
Executive Assistant & Sales Manager at Aroma Group Company
Efficiently conduct business negations and develop relationships with potential clients on behalf of CEO. Manage correspondence and phone calls with executives and partners. Lead the documentation, reporting and servicing for existing clients.
Personal Assistant at Company Suleimenova K.M
Collected and prepared documents for tenders through governmental platforms (e.g. Egov, Esf, Goszakup). Negotiated with different suppliers. Maintained book keeping.
Bachelor of Business Administration
Coventry University | Narxoz University
Online International Learning Project (annual):
  • Becoming the Manager of the Future - 2017-2018
  • Developing Key Qualities for Becoming a Successful Leader - 2018-2019
  • Global Business Forum - 2017
  • Top to Future - 2017
  • CRM as an Art - 2019
  • Global Competition in a Multipolar World - 2019
  • Secrets of Successful Brainstorming - 2019
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