November 11, 2020
~ 2 min
Welcome to the future of education!
At Oquda, we strive to fulfill the dreams of thousands of students to pursue their studies at any chosen university, college, or school. We believe that education is a right that should be easily accessed by everyone.

Oquda Inc. is a market network platform for smarter education recruitment. The revenue model of SaaS and marketplace allow us to double our sales each month and benefit our partners across the world. We are a C-Corp company registered in Delaware, USA.
We work hard to launch our platform by the end of this year. Oquda is a unique project with opportunities from our partners in more than 30 countries, including Italy, England, USA, Switzerland — scholarships, higher education degrees, internships, and more coming soon. Our international offices are in Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey. The next step for Oquda is India, so we welcome new partners there and in basically any country in the world to join us. Reach out to us on LinkedIn for business inquiries.
We are a young startup with huge ambitions to change this world. That's why, next time you see something helpful
in our blog — share the link with your friends, family, and even random strangers who might benefit from that,
like we do.

Together we can make the world a better place.