UI/UX Designer
Ayana Amanzhol
At the time of work in this company, I supervised two
projects. The first is a SaaS platform for educational
recruiters OQUDA, and the second agency for sending students for
OQUDA Education milestone.
In the OQUDA Education project, my responsibilities included creating
advertising creatives, Instagram feeds with content for a month in advance, in tandem with a marketer, development of a complete corporate identity, advertising brochures, business cards, handouts, as well as design and layout of the marketplace site to facilitate work
sales managers.
In the second OQUDA project, I developed UX / UI platforms and a website for partners. After 4 months of work in this company, we attracted
first investment and startup appraisals of $ 1M.

UX/UI designer at OQUDA
Platform and Webiste development
Web designer at Big Dream Lab
Adobe Photoshop, Print design, Adobe Illustrator, Design
logos, Mobile application design, Corporate identity development
Style, Packaging Design, Business Cards Creation, Figma Design, UI / UX
SMM Manager at Altybaqan Agency
Social media managers create and maintain brand promotions, company information and marketing campaigns for their company across several different social media networks.
Graphic Designer at Flash print
Execution of layouts in the shortest possible time and provision of all services printing products. Such as corporate identity development,
business cards, advertising banners, booklets, flyers, invitations,
IT Entrepreneurship
Tomsk State University of Systems
control and electronics
Graphic Designer
STEP IT Academy - is the fastest growing international educational institution specializing in IT.
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