Back Office Manager
Ayan Kundybayev
My name is Ayan Kundybayev. I am working as a back-office manager at the OQUDA Education. Meanwhile, I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Economics at the leading university of the country, Nazarbayev University, to gain fundamental knowledge and be able to contribute to the company's development. My work allows me to implement the knowledge in practice and get real-life experience through brainstorms, communication with qualified specialists in business development, and other activities in the office. I strive for further cooperation with OQUDA and believe it will be mutually beneficial.


Video editing
I started to explore video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Final Cut
Pro X, and Adobe Premiere Pro. I am interested in video filming, and
currently taking a video editing course.
I started to play basketball during high school and fell in love with this
game. In school, I played for the main roaster and looking to continue
playing basketball at the University. We got second place in the "COASH"
tournament among international schools in Nur-Sultan.
Back Office Manager at OQUDA
-Client support on an everyday basis
-Searching for new partners across the world
-Checking of students' documents required for application and
enrollment procedures
-Assisting sales agencies
Certificate of Secondary Education (is considered comparable
to A-Level Program)
Nazarbayev Intellectual School PhM Nur-Sultan
The B.A. in Economics
Nazarbayev University
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