Back Office Manager
Anel Makeyeva
I am a manager of the back office at OQUDA and a student at the University of Turin. I work at OQUDA for about 6 months. My responsibilities include the everyday basis support for our students in application, enrollment, and visa processes. It is my first work experience and I am proud of being a part of such an initiative and motivated team.

I am an energetic and ambitious person who has developed a responsible approach to my work and the situations I face.
Back Office Manager at OQUDA
-Client support on an everyday basis
-Searching for new partners across the world
-Checking of students' documents required for application and
enrollment procedures
-Assisting sales agencies
Secondary Education
Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Kazakhstan
Bachelor's Degree in Global Law and Transnational Legal Studies
University of Turin, Italy
Adal Volunteering Club
-Social events
-Recruiting students for the volunteering clubs
-Managing budget and resources
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