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Recruit students
in a connected way
With OQUDA's Connected Approach, you can automate the entire student recruitment workflow, from connecting to educational programs and managing the admission process, to the paying all your agents in one go — giving you the speed and agility you need to win in the new economy.
Connected tools to win
in new economy
High-value collaboration tools for connected specialists
Limited sales resources
Laborious process
Teamwork attrition
Limited Value
Networked scalability
Direct network effects
Execution workflow
SaaS-enabled workflow
High Value
Focus on long term colaboration
Networked distribution
For education recruiters
For program owners
Join the distribution network
The program owner adds you to the educational program and you can start selling.
Add students to programs
Add students to the program and track their current status in real time. If there is a hitch with some student, it doesn't matter, switch to the next one and track the connection status in a convenient dashboard.
Get the money you earn
Withdraw the money you earned. Track the withdrawal process via the advanced dashboard.
Register program and terms
Register your first program with terms, available universities, majors, etc.
Add agents for distribution
Add the selected agent to the program and track the status of connected students in real time.
Manage service delivery
Track online the number of students and the amount of money that needs to be paid to managers
OQUDA combines marketplace, workflow and direct network into a single Market Network to embrace the student recruitment market with a connected approach in the educational consulting vertical.

The main function of the platform is to organize work of independent educational consultants, agents and specialists that are teamed together online to make global education accessible, affordable and diverse for a single buyer in a new economy.
Increased value
of the service offered
by the supply side
Strong networked model
The all-in-one workspace
For education recruiters
For programm owners
Clear student connection system
Convenient system for checking students ' documents
The organization of your work, with full statistics of action
Convenient referral system and the system of withdrawal of money
Client support
Unlock sales resources
Wide range of educational programs
Intuitive dashboard for adding programs
Ability to track the results of your managers
Adding third-party managers to your educational programs
Advanced student management dashboard
Client support
Unlock sales resources
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The all-in-one workspace for student recruitement
For program owner
For student recruiter
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